Building a sustainable food-supply solution is a driving force behind Local Leaf Farms, and it is the reason why we have selected a hyper-local, vertical farming approach.

For us, sustainability means more than our growing practices. We provide a living wage in each of our communities and are equally committed to sustainable business practices as we are to sustainable growing techniques.

Through the purchase of our produce, organizations validate their commitment to sustainability to their customers by having our produce on their shelves, either through control label opportunities or by stocking our brand. Here are the sustainability advantages we generate that your brand will benefit from as well:

Chemical free

All of our produce is 100% pesticide and herbicide free and is non-GMO.

Improved packaging

Our produce is packaged in 100% plastic free and compostable packaging that addresses the consumers’ demand for more environmentally sustainable packaging solutions.

Safer produce

We dramatically reduce the cost and likelihood of dangerous recalls by having a controlled growing environment that is chemical and pesticide free; using clean, safe municipal water that is filtered to prevent contaminants. In addition, by not growing in soil, we avoid soil-transmitted disease such as e-coli and listeria.

Less food waste

Our use of data analytics allows us to grow to local demand. This results in an effective reduction in food spoilage and costly store-level shrink. Because it’s grown locally, our food is picked and delivered faster, resulting in longer shelf life.

Reducing distances travelled

Our hyper-local model means significantly lower carbon emissions from transporting goods. We ship from our farm to your shelves, often driving less than 50 kilometres (as opposed to thousands).

Less water

Traditional field farming (including organic field farming) can use a lot of water. We utilize an innovative, recycled water system that uses 95% less water compared to traditional farming.

Protecting arable land

As global populations grow, our arable land is decreasing and under pressure. By using indoor vertical farming processes, we are sparing arable land and removing soil erosion pressures.

Greater yield

We grow more, using less arable land. Our systems allow us to grow 4-5 times as much in the same space as a traditional farm.

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